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My Story

In a few words…

Céline C Marseillaise, 37 years old, mother of 3 children. Very inspired by the DIY trend, my heart will quickly go for paper, that was about a year ago. In this new devouring passion; it diverted the fragility of the paper on which I lingered, by painting my folds, by covering them with fabric or by making origami on other materials. Another of my passions is to put on color! Very attracted by the softness of pastel tones, my first collection will be soft and powdery.

In one sentence: “Why keep it simple when you can make it complicated …”

What I can do for you

DIY exercise

Make a picture frame terrarium 

If you happen to love having photos around your home, the chances are high that you are the proud owner of multiple picture frames. The problem? Sometimes we have intentions to replace said photos and then forget. Instead, why not turn those picture frames into a new decor piece that can be a focal point on your coffee table or nightstand?

Find older picture frames and turn them into a DIY terrarium with some glue that you likely already have lying around the house. Even if you get your start by combining the frames and later painting them when you can get to a dollar store, it might be the perfect project and planter to start to grow your urban garden. 

Turn wrapping paper into drawer liners 

Take your bedroom set from boring and average to stylish and fun with extra wrapping paper you have left over from the holiday season. Transition them into drawer liners.

To accomplish this practical DIY, measure the inside of your drawers and cut the wrapping paper to size. If you have double-sided tape on hand, that would be the easiest way to install the paper, but if you don’t, you can makeshift double-sided scotch tape by wrapping it around your finger and taping one piece into a circle. You may have to be more vigilant, pressing the paper flat to ensure there are no bubbles. 

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